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Durations With Better Movement While Being More Durable and More Healthy? 

Dear Pitching Enthusiast,

Coach Ron Wolforth, of Pitching Central has become synonymous with velocity creation, the development of arm speed and maximizing arm health and durability.  With pitching injuries at an all time high and athletes as young as 11 years old having "Tommy John" surgery, Coach Wolforth has emphasized the importance of making sure the arm is prepared to handle the workloads it will face.

Coach Wolforth is known as “The Pitching Coaches Pitching Coach” and his program has assisted hundreds of high school and college pitchers gain 7-15 mph in just weeks and months instead of years and has been instrumental in supporting 27 athletes in his facility to be drafted and over 40 obtain college scholarships in the past 5 years! 

He has now release his updated training program "The Combat Pitcher: Preparing the Next Generations of Pitchers for Battle".  This program has already received reviews from many highly respected names in baseball at all levels.  Here's just a sample:

"When Ron asked me to write a forward to his Combat Pitcher pitching manual, I was honored, thrilled, and a bit scared.  After all, where do you start when talking about a man who has shaped many of the beliefs I have on pitching mechanics and how to properly train a pitcher?  I suppose the beginning will have to due.  I first met Ron at the ABCA clinic held in Atlanta, GA in 1999, or should I say I met a brochure that he left at his vacant booth early Sunday morning.  I was in my second year as the pitching coach at Stetson University, and was desperately looking for a better way than what I was currently teaching.  It wasn’t that my “stuff” was bad, but it was antiquated and only worked on a few of the pitchers I had under my charge.  Ok, it was bad!  Looking back, the guys that really got “it” (my teaching) were getting “it” in spite of me, not as a result of me.

I took the brochure back to Stetson and decided to buy the manual Ron was offering in the brochure.  Subsequently, I called Ron to ask some questions regarding the content of the book, and from that phone call, a friendship developed.  You may be familiar with the Chaos Theory, a theory popularized by the work of meteorologist Edward Lorenz in the 1960’s.  The theory is basically about “ripple-effect”, or small things that create bigger things.  Lorenz uses the analogy of a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil that in turn creates a tornado in Texas.  Fitting that the tornado Lorenz was talking about ended up in Texas, being that Ron lives and operates out of Houston!  More on this later…

In December of  2001, I went to Ron’s first Pitching Coaches Bootcamp.  Tom House was the guest speaker, and I had 3 days of nothing but pure pitching bliss.  Tom was great and Ron did a nice job of tying together some of the “scientific mumbo-jumbo” that the 50 coaches in the room listening to Tom couldn’t quite comprehend (including yours truly). Nonetheless, the clinic was a great experience and it forever changed my perspective on pitching and how to train pitchers…..until 2002 when I heard Paul Nyman for the first time, and then Brent Strom, and then Phil Donley, and then Tom Hanson, and then Perry Husband.  My point is, Ron is never comfortable “knowing what he knows.” There is always more and if you hang around with him enough, “knowing what you know” is not enough!  It is about pushing the envelope, thinking outside of the box, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable with the unknown, the never-done-before, and maybe most importantly, being flat out WRONG at times.    Ron’s Athletic Pitcher has changed the way hundreds (perhaps thousands) of pitchers are being trained on a daily basis.  I kid with Ron frequently, saying that if I had a quarter for every phone call I’ve fielded about his material, I could retire before the age of forty!  Although I haven’t received any retirement quarters from Ron yet, it is still very easy to endorse the program.  It works, period.  No real explanation from me is necessary other than to point to the hundreds of pitchers across America who have gained velocity, increased game-time stuff, and became a more durable, dependable athlete.

So how could anything surpass The Athletic Pitcher?  How could The Combat Pitcher possibly be any better?  My suggestion to you would be to visit Ron’s baseball ranch before assuming the program can’t get better.  It gets better every day, perhaps every hour.  Why?  Well…… Ron’s programming at the ranch is more like an experimental baseball playground than it is a lesson-oriented baseball school.  He has people like Reese Smith experimenting with new-fangled drills and techniques that would make a 3 year old with a hyper-imagination blush.  He has “the ear” of a seasoned major league player and coach in Brent Strom who isn’t comfortable just “knowing what he knows” to bounce ideas off of.  His wife Jill knows more about pitching than 90 percent of all the college coaches I know.  His son Garrett is a STUD, and he is only 9!  He has surrounded himself with people who are willing to go the extra mile, day in and day out, until they have to go yet another mile. THAT is why The Combat Pitcher will surpass any of Ron’s material to date. 

Back to The Chaos Theory.  Personally, I still think I would be teaching much of the same things I was teaching back in 1999 had I not picked up that brochure in Atlanta.  I was comfortable teaching what I knew, though subconsciously I realized it really wasn’t working.  But thankfully, that brochure led to the pitching tornado in which I currently reside, and the storm is just beginning.  Enjoy the ride!"

Derek Johnson
Pitching Coach
Vanderbilt University
NCAA DI Pitching Coach of the Year 2005

“If you want a skill to get better, measure it”, one of the most common threads in the fabric that has become the Ron Wolforth approach to velocity building for pitchers (and position players as well).  This has been a mantra that I have lived by in the hitting world as well.  I was thrilled to find another instructor that had been using that same idea to get the fantastic results that Ron has achieved with his vast amounts of pitchers that have broken that magical barrier that is so sacred in baseball; 90 MPH.   My opinion is that Ron’s concern goes far greater than just getting a pitcher to reach 90 MPH, he has shown me that he cares just as much if not more about the pitcher that has busted his hump to get to 80 MPH.   More importantly than the milestones of reaching a pitcher’s maximum levels in velocity, it is my belief that Ron’s approach is based foremost in the health and conditioning of a player and secondarily in developing every MPH that player has in him or her.  These two themes seem to run hand in hand in every thing about the programs that he produces.  “He gets it”.  He understands that delicate balance between pushing yourself to reach a goal and making sure the athlete is ready to do the work necessary to put the body through the rigors it takes to throw hard.  Not only does Ron get that, but he has an incredible way with players.  They get him.  Why?  Because he speaks the truth about the core of what makes guys throw hard.  He tells them what they need to do to reach their goal, he measures them along the way to show them progress, he kicks them in the butt sometimes (OK maybe mostly) and picks them up when they need that.  Most importantly, he provides them proof that what he is saying works.  Players have learned to trust that.    


Ron has changed a great deal about the way that pitchers train in the game of baseball at every level and will continue to break new ground with objective measurement and conditioning.  I look forward to seeing what great additions to Effective Velocity that his inventiveness will bring about.  It has been a great pleasure to have been invited to speak at his events and to have been fortunate enough to speak at other seminars along side of him.  I look forward to each and every new innovation that he brings to light and was one of the very first to buy a copy of the Combat Pitcher.  My two young sons, Shea (6) and Quinn (4) will put the Combat Pitcher program to work even though neither of them really play baseball yet at all.  They love the exercises and I believe that whatever sport they play, their athleticism is the most important lesson learned.   I highly recommend any player, pitcher or not to learn as much as possible about what Ron has to offer.  He is truly one of the great instructors in baseball at any level. "


Perry Husband

Author – Downright Filthy Pitching Series

Hitting Is A Guess DVD and Book Series


1) Warm Up - Wake Up:
Refreshing way to get the athlete READY TO GO. With this program there is no standing around, static stretches. This warm up is active.

2) Skill Specific Funtional Strength:

It is critical that we focus our energy and time on strength training that will enhance a pitchers actual pitching skills.

3) Arm Care:
There is NOTHING more important than making sure a young pitchers arm is kept healthy. The MISSION of this section is to lead the way in Arm Health and Durability.

4) Making Your Throwing Regimen Exceptional:
If our athlete is not prepared to throw, to really get after it then wehave done them a disservice.

In this section, you will learn the throwing drills that lead up to the bull pen as well as the keys to "MAKING BULL PENS EXCEPTIONAL"

Click here to see a sample of "The Combat Pitcher" (Please allow time to load)





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